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Jet Quantum

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     Jet Quantum takes place 1,000 years in the future, when humanity has spread out across the galaxy under the rule of a central government.  About 100 years before our story begins, there was a rebellion against the government which almost succeeded due to the advanced science and technology posessed by the dissidents.  In order to maintain control, the government initiated "The Great Cleansing", and proceeded to round up and brainwash all of the scientists and mathematicians across the galaxy, and delete all public records of science.  The government effectively established a monopoly on technology, and was thus able to maintain a firm grip on the galaxy.  A handful of scientists who became known as the Free Scientists escaped the "cleansing" and went into hiding, passing down their knowledge of science and advanced mathematics to their children, awaiting the day when the government could be overthrown...








Cal was orphaned at a young age, and was adopted by a cargo pilot.  His adopted father was descended from a free scientist, and taught Cal everything known about physics and mathematics.  Cal was a genius and absorbed all of this information. When he was in his early twenties, he began his own research in Quantum Mechanics.  To his great surprise, he discovers that it is possible to actually teleport instantly between two points in space, and the techniques of his discovery suggest that it might be possible to in fact build such a device.  Cal decides to leave his job as a cargo pilot and search out the descendants of the free scientists, who he hopes might help him build his teleportation machine and overthrow the government.


Cal is a bad-ass.  Think of Han Solo crossed with Albert Einstein.












Su was also orphaned at a young age, and was raised by a middle class family on the Jungle world Kar.  A family friend who is a keeper of science recognizes Su's genius at an early age, and secretly trains her in advanced mathematics and physics.  When Cal comes to visit her mentor, Su decides to join Cal in his quest.  Neither Su nor Cal know it, but they are in fact brother and sister.


Su is very friendly and extremely intelligent, and is often flirtatious.  She is a tease though, watch out!  She also provides much comic relief.









                         Special Agent Kozu



Special Agent Kozu is descended from free scientists and thus possesses knowledge of advanced science and mathematics.  In her turns, her family's identity is exposed, and her mother and father are killed by the government while she is taken to Earth to be brainwashed.  After a successful "re-education" she becomes a special agent for the government, whose mission is to track down and exterminate the remaining free scientists.  An intelligence report gives away the identity of Cal and Su, and it is Kozu's personal assignment to track them across the galaxy and capture them.  Later in the series, Kozu eventually captures Cal, but he is able to break through her brain washing to remind her of her true identity.  She joins Cal and Su and falls in love with Cal.


Kozu is tough, but has a soft side.  Though perhaps not the same caliber of genius and Cal and Su, she is adept at solving problems quickly.







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