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Rockabilly Station









Arts and Ideas 310: The Art of Being an Outsider in Japan

Instructor: Christopher Daniels

E-mail: cdaniels@unca.edu


Information: This class is intended to introduce, in various media forms, how some Japanese artists in the last one hundred and fifty years have employed the outsider as a theme in their works to express their struggle with the duty to oneself vs. the duty to one's group.


Web Hosting Information

Digital World

The Health

Source Information

The Benefit


Course Materials:




DFW Commencement speech


*****First Day*****


Saint Young Men Download


Arts 310 Underground Music CD


And the tracklisting

Student Project Pages


Students in Arts and Ideas 310 complete various projects throughout the semester.  Below is a list of links to different assignments throught the semester.  Click through to see projects that students have already completed!





First Project

Second Project

Third Project





The class covers a lot of ground over the course of the semester, but here is a table of contents






Kurosawa and Yojimbo


Modern Japan


Wabi Sabi



Way, Way, Way

Underground Music


The Meiji Era







Avant-Garde Theater



Meiji Era to WWII


Haruki Murakami

The Point 


Roland Barthes and The Empire of Signs


Kobo Abe and The Woman in the Dunes








Visual Art by Students


Students are encouraged/required to make at least one artwork based on what they've seen in the course of the semester.  Click through to see our growing collection.



Creative Writing by Students



Essays by Students






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