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Gothic Lolitas

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Gothic Lolitas




Gothic Lolita is a term used for a very popular fashion trend among Japanese teen girls.  The Gothic Lolita style takes inspiration from dark Victorian styles, the modern day “Gothic” look, and the child-like, doll inspired, Lolita look.  It is a sweet and sour fashion trend in which the young girls try to play up their vulnerable childlike ages while still remaining appealing .  Though they are called Gothic Lolitas, most girls prefer to maintain a "cute" look rather than making themselves appear overtly sexual.  The look is used as a type of escape and form of self-expression.     



Sweet Lolita



Though the look is mass-marketed in Japan it is not widely worn but can be seen in major cities such as Osaka and Tokyo.  Girls dress up in their newest and most outrageous outfits and head out to meet friends where they take part in a kind of public fashion show.  Tourists often come to see the latest looks and trends and often photograph the girls.       










The Look


The GothLoli look has no limits.  Though there are several recognized versions of the look, Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of black and white, often black with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims. Skirts are knee length and may have a crinoline or petticoat to add volume. As in mainstream Japanese fashion, over-knee socks or stockings are popular. White or black tights are also common. Child-like shoes or boots such as Mary Janes complete the look. Frilly, ruffled or lace-trimmed Victorian blouses are also popular with Gothic Lolitas and designs are usually modest, sometimes with long lace-capped sleeves and high-necked blouses.  Girls often carry umbrellas to keep a white, doll like complexion.  Not very much make up is worn but when it is applied it is typically limited to the eye area. 


Currently the commercial center of the Gothic Lolita subculture is the Marui Young department store in Shinjuku, after its predecessor Marui One closed at the end of August 2004. This large youth-fashion oriented department store has 4 floors entirely devoted to Gothloli and related fashions.




The Gothic Look



GothLoli Manga


The 2006 anime, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, also known as The Wallflower, features four sisters who attend the high school of the main characters, who are called the Goth Loli sisters. They are depicted purely as the subject of much comedy and they always leave the scene chanting "Goth! Goth! Loli! Loli!"

In some manga, such as Othello, lolita fashion is portrayed as a method of individualizing and becoming less shy. Most of these titles appeal primarily to male fans rather than the lolitas themselves; however, large numbers of lolita girls are visible at manga events such as Comiket.



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Warning: Googling "Lolitas" will bring up softcore kiddy porn.




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