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modern japan

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Modern Japan




Nationalism and Internationalism


  • Political protest drops to minimal levels from regular people and intelligentsia
  • End of the Vietnam war
  • First recession - mostly due to fuel prices and OPEC
  • Continued problems with Russia over disputed islands
  • Okinawa returned to Japanese sovereignty
  • Yukio Mishima (1925-1970)


The "Economic Miracle"

  • Ruled by a single political party
    • strength and stability allowed economic steadiness
  • Extensive govt and US investment in production
  • Labor Relations
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • GNP growth twice that of nearest competitor, US
  • US encouraged growth as opposition to communist China, but chafed at their success



The Lost Decade

  • Heavy speculation
  • Overinflated land values/Low interest rates = credit cheap and available
  • 1989 - Nikkei had highest index ever (39,000)
  • 1991 - Nikkei dives (15,000) and the bubble bursts
  • Labor markets change, as old workers are protected but younger ones are not
  • Sound familiar?



  • Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • AUM subway gassing



Outside Sources


Asanuma assasinated


Mishima on Japanese Culture


Mishima on nationalism


Mishima's last moment


Traditional vs. Modern Japan


Japanese Nationalists


2001 article


Earthquake footage

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