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Nanking Massacre

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The Nanking Massacre, 1937



This article gives a detailed explanation of the Sino War and the events of December 1937.







November 11: Shanghai has fallen.  Japanese troops begin marching to Nanking.

Early December: About half of Nanking's 1-million-strong population flees the city.

December   9: Japanese Army launches attack.

December 12: Chinese Army retreats.

December 13: Japanese Army enters the city and soldiers begin to murder, mutilate, and rape civilians. 

About 12,000 die within the first three days; over the next six weeks, the toll rises to an estimated 200,000.











    John Magee


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    Victim (4:29)


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    Nanking Massacre Memorial Museum



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International Military Tribunal for the Far East


Princeton's Nanking page


A Japanese Manga about the massacre (and the political fallout)





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