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                Japanese Cheer Squad




      An Oendan is much like an American cheerleading group, except, instead of using acrobatics to cheer, an Oendan typically emphasizing noise.  Along with yelling, they generally use drums and horns to make as much noise as possible.




Participants in an Oendan typically wear long black coats and pants as a uniform along with a hachimaki, a red or white headband used to represent perseverance.  They commonly root at baseball games, but can cheer at other sports as well.





 Oendan in Manga/Anime


     Oendan appear fairly frequently in manga that center around school life or sports.  Particularly in Shoujo manga, students will sometimes wear an Oendan uniform during a school festival.




 Examples from: Hiatari Ryoukou

                          Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai

                          Lovely Complex



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 Scene from Hiatari Ryoukou

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Oendan in Games:


In the 2005 Japanese DS game, Osu! Tatakae! Oendan!, the user plays as an Oendan cheering to help people with their daily problems.


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