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Way, Way, Way Underground Music

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Japanese Postwar Underground Music



1. Advances in Avant-garde art and music:





Jikken Kobo (experimental workshop)


Hi Red Center


Group Ongaku





Musique Concrete


  • any and all sounds belong in the musical vocabulary
  • using recorded sounds along with live ones (sampling)
  • importance of play



          Also, today he is involved in The Ensemble Origin


* This also began the use of traditional Japanese instruments in avant-garde music


Rock and Roll Enters:


The Beatles


The Ventures


James Bond Style Music



Group Sounds



Activism and Music Together


Folk Guerilla


  • A subset of the folk music scene ensconced in the coffeehouses and bars of Shinjuku


The Tipping Point


The musical "Hair"

  • put on in 1970
  • preparations took 6 months
  • The night before the show was to open, the cast was busted for drugs.
  • Free jazzers, rockers, Group Sounds, and performance artists all got to collaborate.


Avant Garde Theater



New Rock




Keeping the Flame Burning in the 80's and 90's








Article on Gutai and Hi Red


General Art Happenings Article


Musique Concrete on Wikipedia


Julian Cope's Japrocksampler page


Class CD Listings:


Spring 2010 

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007


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